How bad plumbing can destroy your property

Hard water damage
Proper indoor plumbing is one of the most lucrative factors taken into account when one considers moving into real estate. It is also considered if one intends to invest a hefty amount in this business but if the system is faulty to begin with, you are literally risking throwing all that money down the drain. So here are a few problems which you may or may not be acquainted with.

  • Leaking pipes

These are the most common problems in most modern day places that have indoor facilities. Most if the time, this is the case with the wooden cabinets typically located beneath the basins of taps in kitchens and washrooms. As the water drips from these pipes, it stays stagnant over a specific area which is known as a “mold”. As the water continues to drip, the mold continues to grow in area. The mold can seriously weaken the foundations of these small wooden cabinets and account for the presence of a pungent odor rendering your house, inhospitable. These molds can also act as habitats for germs that can make you ill.


  • Clogged drains

These are never a good sign if the water won’t drain in the washroom. This mainly happens when hair, flakes and small random debris gets accumulated in them, thereby obstructing the flow of water. This stagnant water that accumulated can emit a bad odor which can then spread across the house by means of diffusion. The water can also leak into certain corners of the house thereby weakening its structure. The moisture from the water can cause water stains on floorboards and walls. The stagnant water can also act as a breeding medium for mosquitoes, pests and bacteria.


  • Running toilets

The running toilets can go on to waste a significant amount of water (about 200 gallons a day). Moreover, it dramatically increases the probability of injury or there have been significant reports of individuals slipping in the washroom due to the floor being wet. This resulted in concussions, injuries and deaths.

  • Rusty pipes

If the water leaks from faucets and drips onto pipes, remaining there for extended periods of time, it may cause the pipes to rust. This will affect the functions of the pipe itself along with the external disfigurement that has to be borne. Also, rusty pipes can emit a nasty smell that will repel a lot of individuals. The pipes may also become weaker and may not be able to carry water at a high pressure. This presents a risk of the pipes collapsing.


  • Low water pressure

A growing problem among faucets, many people complain that they aren’t able to use the water efficiently due to its low pressure. The first thing to check is whether the water pressure is low for both hot and cold water. If it is then this would mean that calcium deposits are present in the faucet aerator. This can affect your sanitation habits as the low pressure, means that the water is not being properly projected onto your hands for washing and therefore it may leave some spots untouched.


If you have come across any of the aforementioned difficulties, get in touch with a professional plumber and don’t try to fix it yourself unless you are reasonably experienced.