Slab Leak Location

Leak Location

The customer called us today with to get help with a Slab Leak Location or a slab leak and they had a hot spot in the middle of the kitchen. We told them it was probably a water line leaking underneath the slab of their home. When we arrived the plumbers hooked up the compressor to the front seal cock and applied air in order to try and locate the leak more accurately. We will find it as close as possible and start breaking the concrete. Which is no easy job. Sometime it comes out easy but then there are times it will have wire or re bar in it and boy it becomes some work. Some times everything is sitting on a footing and a stem wall and it is almost impossible to break the concrete. Even with a jackhammer.

Slab Leak

Hoping to find the water line fairly quick. Dig around it were it making sure there are no more leaks in the line that we can see in that area. Then we will turn the water on and see if we can find it exactly. We can usually find it pretty fast but sometimes they become a nightmare. Especially if it ends up being under a wall, water heater, central heat plenum, bathroom or kitchen cabinet. We finally find it and are able to clean it up and repair it pretty easy.

Then we will try and pack the dirt and sand back in as good as possible keeping it the right level at the bottom of the slab. Once we get it packed well enough we can go ahead and mix the concrete. Clean up around the hole and sweep then go ahead and pour the concrete. We will try and mix it as dry as possible so we don’t have to wait to long for it to dry. Once we float it down to where it is level with the old concrete you have to let it sit awhile and trowel it one last time.