Top Tips for New Construction Plumbing

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Top Tips for New Construction Plumbing – Good Advise from your Plumber

Plumbing might seem an easy thing but it isn’t as easy as well, it needs a proper guidance when it comes to new construction. In the setup for a house there are three main components to look at, first being the water supply system, second being the drainage system and the third component is the fixtures. In order to have good plumbing at your home it is highly recommended to have a professional plumber who can do the work well with a good knowledge of the basics. If you are looking for the experts who can do a professional job with long term maintenance then Plumber Oklahoma City, Ok Plumbing & Repair is the best choice to make. These Okc plumbers are expert in carrying out their responsibility with expertise and proficiency.

Plumbing of the new house is a big issue and the malfunction of the washroom and kitchen puts you in major trouble on a daily basis. Plumber Oklahoma City, Ok Plumbing & Repair provide professional services which will give you a relief in terms of plumbing and appliances problems. Each house has a different layout therefore it is very important to hire someone who is well versed and has great experience with the plumbing works.

There are certain tips to keep in view, they are mentioned as follows:

Installation Timetable

You must know well the installation time of the plumbing and wiring at each phase in order to have a proper plumbing bid. You should know that the rough-in plumbing phase, which occurs in conjunction with the wiring and duct installation phase, takes place after the framing is complete, but before hanging drywall. This is the time to install main drains in floors and connect them to the stack. Rough-in drain fittings install now for sinks and tubs. This is also the time to install water supply pipes or tubing and set toilet flanges.

Drainage pipes

Usually on a residential new construction the main drain and vent is either 3 or 4 inches in diameter, which runs vertical from beneath the ground floor to the roof line above. The waste drains connect at the back and take the wasted water down the main drainer.

Water Supply system

The water supply splits into two lines; one supplies the cold water and the other supplies hot water and both the lines with the new pex need fastened down properly . You should know what stage requires which application in order to get the water system installed correctly.


Vent pipes

Water locks can cause clogs if the constant flow of air is not provided. Ventilation is very important and vent pipes are very necessary.


The drain trap is a U-shaped pipe that connects to the bottom of the sink. The trap controls the flow of smelly gases from entering the house.

If you are well aware of these aspects then it gets very easy to set up a good residential plumbing structure for the new construction.

Plumbing and your drain pipes


Plumbing and your drain pipes – Call your OKC Plumber

First let’s talk about the truth and the truth is that not all cast iron drains are bad. The truth is that cast iron drains will usually have a life span of about 50 to 60 years and if your main sewer line was installed with cast iron and is not having problems with clogging or roots infiltrating the system or leaking then whats not broke don’t fix, but, most cast iron drains that are installed under the concrete or in side of the crawl space of a house or building were installed with galvanized piping for running to all the branch lines such as sinks, tubs and showers. The real truth is that these drains are the worst you can have to say the least.

Most all of them will not drain at all and cannot be snaked out and why can they not be snaked out we will explain the facts. The new pipe systems are fabricated to have a smooth path for all the fluids and solids. They are even made to be self cleaning because the the fluid runs on a crisscross pattern and they clean themselves.

This will prevent the solids from being caught and eventually clogging the pipe off. Glued type systems are ABS or PVC, if they are installed correctly will prevent this from happening.

The truth about cast iron it does not provide this and is simple, it will corrode. Even the corrosive metals when treated, will eventually scale and rust from the long term exposure to the water and the chemicals.

The main reason though that it is not maintainable is due to the fact that the original plumber that installed it did it incorrectly.

Plumbing Tips and Tricks

Plumbing Tips and tricks

Plumbing Tips and Tricks -Plumber OKC Secrets

We always want to know the when we have problems with our plumbing in Okc.

What is it that plumbers in Okc know and will also allow them to come onsite, diagnose and repair your Okc plumbing issues with ease, where you struggle with what seems like nothing to our Oklahoma city plumbers. There is no doubt that the Okc plumber has a huge advantage over most of us as they come across so many different Oklahoma City plumbing problems and have already afforded many solutions they can use to repair the problems.

Also, since many of your problems for plumbing in Oklahoma city, Ok are frequently found, our Plumbers in okc have applied their trade to many, many of times. So as such things go, these saviors of plumbing messes have afforded a very diverse set of plumbing tips, tricks and a few well kept secrets they may not want to let you in on.

Here are some of the plumbing related ideas that you should store away or you may want to put right to use as they may also apply in your situations.

1. Most of us will have spray hoses in our kitchen sinks and sometimes when you are pulling on the sprayer hose, it doesn’t always cooperate. This is usually due to the fact that it will get caught on something like your hot and cold water stops. One easy fix is to add some pipe insulation on the water lines and the stops that run under your sink. In the cabinet under or below your sink. Just put that insulation on the water lines and you will discover that things will move nicely when your puling on your sprayer hose so it will reach over to the other side of the sink for cleaning dishes.

2. If you have ever noticed your kitchen sinks, stainless steel basin will get a bit noisy when you are moving you pots and pans or utensils as you attempting to clean off or wash your dishes. We have a way to make sure that those stainless steel basins do not sound like drums in the rock star band. Apply some expanding foam to the sink up underneath the cabinet and start spraying the bottom of the basins. Spray the sinks with a nice layer. Don’t miss the voided area between the sinks. This will help a lot to lower the noise level.

3. Sometimes if you need to get underneath the sink cabinet to remove the P trap to help break up a clog or just do general cleaning. To loosen up some of the food blockage, it is also advisable for you bring out your trusty plunger, be sure and fill the sink with some water and try to plunge out the sink. If you do have a double sink, be sure and stop up that side of the sink with another plunger or a stopper to contain the air pressure. This will help you will loosen up the food and debris and will also make your job a little easier. If you cannot get it unclogged though. Don’t hesitate to call our plumbers in Oklahoma city, Ok.


Don’t Struggle With Toilet Repair

Don’t Struggle With Toilet Repair Call your OKC Plumber

Sometimes you just have to do maintenance on your toilet even though you don’t want to. Although it is something you won’t be able to do with out if you are a home owner. So if you do have problems with your toilet it might be a good idea to do some research on the subject matter. Although you need to be careful when trying to practice maintenance on your toilet if you own your own home. You can easily do more damage and sometimes make it irreparable. It is usually best to call a plumber in Okc to get the repair done right the first time.

Flapper Problems

When you want to flush your toilet and you push down on the handle. This is what lifts the flapper to flush the toilet. Some home owners will replace the flapper themselves and usually it is a fairly easy job but if they don’t get it adjusted correctly they will have problems with the toilet and wish they would have called an Oklahoma city plumber. Even if the chain that pulls up the flapper is to short or to long they will have all kinds of issues with the toilet.

The Wax Ring

Are you noticing water around the base our your toilet. Well this is usually a problem with the seal or the wax ring. If the toilet wobbles at all this will cause the wax ring to fail and come lose. The original installer probably did not set the toilet correctly because when set correctly they will never start to wobble and cause the wax ring to fail. If the wax ring has failed the toilet will need to be reset with new wax rings. This will stop the water seepage and also prevent sewer gas from entering the home.

Clogged Toilet

When your having a clog with your toilet it can be very frustrating. Most of the time it will be caused by flushing to much toilet paper or flushing something that is not supposed to be flushed like reusable rags or baby wipes. These will hang up on anything and they will really clog up your toilet. Sometimes you can get it unclogged with a plunger but usually it will have to be closet auger-ed or snaked from the main clean out. This will require that you call one of the plumbers in Okc to remedy the problem.

If you are having plumbing issues in Oklahoma City you can call Plumber Oklahoma City Plumbing & Repair to take care of all of your plumbing problems at 405-999-7289

A Small amount of roots, can cause lots of problems

How to Prevent Damaging your drain lines

A Small amount of roots, can cause lots of problems: How to Prevent Damaging your drain lines

It is a fact that trees and shrubs used when you landscape are a real hazard to your drain lines . Not only in your yard but also under your house. Even if you have a concrete slab. The roots from these trees and shrubs can grow extremely long and cover a great distance. Especially if there is a drought in your area. These shrub and trees get very thirsty and start searching for water wherever they can find it.

They can chase down and find the vapors coming from the water in your drain lines when there is loose fittings or cracks in the lines. These micro fine roots can get through these cracks in your sewer lines. They will stop at no ends because the water and solids inside are great nutrients for them. These problems have to be stopped or they can fill you sewer lines with huge masses of hair size roots at each place they are able to penetrate the pipes.

This will cause food, grease and other solids that flow from your house to get caught in the root masses and either completely clog your sewer lines or slow them down considerably. Your sewer line will become completely clogged or blocked if you don’t call a plumber in Okc to clean out the roots or snake the lines. The grey water and sewer have nowhere to go so it will inevitably start to run back into your house. It will pour out at the lowest spot it can find which is usually your shower, tub, at the base of your toilet or in the garage at the drain for your central heat and water heater.

If the roots in you sewer lines are left unchecked they will cause extreme havoc on your drain line. Tree roots can lift your house off of its foundation and break concrete with ease so you can just imagine what kind of damage they can do to your sewer drain lines if you don’t call an Okc plumber to have them removed. If you have an older house that is more than thirty years old you will have cast iron drain lines under your house which have problems with corrosion and either concrete or clay tile drain lines in your yard going to the city sewer main. Clay tile and concrete are considered somewhat porous, require higher maintenance and are more than likely old and getting brittle and crumbly.

If you still have the old clay tile or concrete sewer pipes they can very ease-ally be damaged by tree roots and even the newer PVC drain line can have root problems as it ages. Now although you can still have the root problems with the PVC it is not as extreme. At least with the PVC drain lines there is much less damage done from the ground settling and loosening the joints of the piping.

The issues won’t solve themselves or just magically disappear if you are seeing slow running drains or hearing gurgling from your toilet or tub.

Call your plumber in Okc


It’s probable time for you to call some plumbers in Okc to inspect the plumbing issues. If you have roots in your drain lines a plumber in Oklahoma City will be able to remove them by snaking the lines.

The Oklahoma city plumbers may have to dig up the sewer lines (sometime several feet or deeper) to access the problem areas. When they have it exposed the plumbers will be able to install new drain lines or possibly repair the problems.

Once they have repaired the issues you may have to remove the trees or shrubs that are close to the drains. If you have to plant trees in the area try to locate them so they wont ruin you sewer lines and or drain lines.

Don’t wait until the problem gets bad.
If you need help from our professional plumbers here at Plumber Oklahoma City, Ok Plumbing and repair.

Give us a call at 405-999-7289 We are here to help.

You Have To Understand Your Plumbing System

You Have To Understand Your Plumbing System Advise from Plumber OK

Your Oklahoma city Plumbing and Systems for your house are always the most important part
compared to the other mechanical devises in your house and it should always be made the highest priority for any home owner while thinking about the expenses for maintenance and repair of any or all of their Okc plumbing .


Their plumbing in Okc involves the transportation of cold and hot water from a central location in your home. Then again from the inside of your home it involves the distribution of water teeing out to the various plumbing fixtures and appliances like the faucets, the bathroom shower, the bathtubs, the kitchen sink, the washing machine, the water heater, the dishwasher etc, Repair of the Plumbing in Oklahoma city of such any of your plumbing system is important to you for distributing and managing one of the five crucial life elements of nature such as water, but also it can be very costly to involve a plumber in Oklahoma City, Ok every time something goes wrong.

It will always pay if you can understand the basics of a home plumbing system- especially when you have to call a plumber in Okc to repair all of these on an ongoing basis.

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Heat pump water heaters

Heat pump water heaters – the plumber tipps

If you use a regular water heater to heat your water then it is probably electric or gas fired. These will use either an electric heating element or gas fired burner assemblies to heat the water they provide. They will build their own heat and then provide you with plenty of hot water on demand. No only is this not the most economical or efficient way to heat your hot water for use in your home. It will not be the only options that you have. Now if you start to look at the newer technology you find out about the heat pump water heaters. These water haters will utilize a completely different option to heat your hot water. Now we will explore the way these units work and some of the reasons why you may want to have one installed in you house by our Plumbers in Oklahoma City, Ok

How They Work

It take two completely separate systems in combination to make up heat pump water heaters. The heat pump takes the place of you central heat usually. It uses refrigerant evaporation with the evaporator coil to collect thermal heat from the outside air around your home then the refrigerant gets condensed inside and releases the heat on the inside of your house. It does work some what differently in a heat pump water heater. The evaporator coil on a heat pump water heater is mounted on the top or at the side of the water heater and it will collect the heat from inside the room but it won’t send that heat to a different room. It will use that heat that it collected to heat the water inside the tank with thermal energy.

Heat Pump Water Heaters advantages.

These tanks are very, very efficient. Way more efficient then your regular eclectic or gas water heaters. The cost to operate these water heaters are very reasonable because they don’t need any electric or gas to run and or build their own heat. These are the advantages when you are thinking about installing a heat pump water heater. You won’t sacrifice losing any volume of the amount of hot water you will be provide and the energy efficiency of you house

It might be a good idea to learn plumbing

Learning Plumbing


Learning a Few Plumbing Tricks

It might be the time to learn a little more about Okc plumbing or plumbing okc. You probably thought about it before now, but you didn’t get around to trying it. If that is the case, our article will teach you some of the different tips and the tactics you can use to help solve your everyday problems that you find around your house.

It will be easy to fix the noisy pipes that squeak or sound like like they are hammering. Your exposed pipes will need to be anchored properly. If the pipes are located in the walls, floors or ceiling you will probably do best by calling a contractor to do the project.

When you need to winterize your home you will need to turn the water off at the source. This will not always be the case but you may need to call a good company to shut off the water at the meter located outside in the ground. When you have the water shut off the water, then you need to open all faucets. This will also include the outside seal cocks and it will allow some of the water to drain out of your water system. This will help relieve the pressure in your pipes and help to prevent them from freezing and bursting, which can prevent major damage to your home. Also you will need to hook up a compressor to the lines and try to blow out the rest of the remaining water. This is very important so you may have to call us if you need to get it done. You will want to use a shop vacuum to suck out any water that is remaining in your toilet tank and bowl as to prevent the porcelain from freezing and cracking. It takes a special antifreeze you have to put into all of your sinks, tub and shower pee traps to prevent damage to the drain pipes also.

Only pay the contractors once the job is done. Sometimes it will be required to put some money down before they start the job, but you should never pay for everything before you know the job is done correctly. If you do go ahead and pay everything up front, you will have no recourse if they don’t finish the job or they don’t do it correctly.

You always want to avoid the use of any kind of tablet or odor remover within your toilet. They may be somewhat effective for deodorizers, they will damage the rubber parts in your toilet and will rot or rust out the bolts. If they become corroded, your toilet will also leak or not operate properly, and will require you to hire us to either repair or replace it.

If you have a toilet that is plugged and the water is low along with the toilet being clogged, don’t try to pour some extra water in the bowl and try to make the plunger work again. This will over flow the toilet and possibly flood your bathroom. Turn the water off at the stop that is located behind the toilet to prevent flooding. At this point you should either call a plumber in Oklahoma City or go to your local big box store and purchase a 6’ closet auger. Insert it into the toilet and push the auger head while rotating clock wise to attempt to push the block through or snag the obstruction and pull it out. If this all fails call your plumbers in Oklahoma City because you have a clog further down the main line.

Plumbing hard water tips

Iron can cause an orange or pink stain in and on your sinks and faucets if you have a well. Its some time hard to get rid of this problem, you can either have a local plumber to install a water softener to soften the water, or do a water test to see if you need to filter. In fact any one that will sell you a water filter system without first testing it does not know what he is doing. You can’t filter out what is not there so your just wasting money. Most water filters will only filter specific chemicals and minerals. No single filter will filter it all and each filter will be specific for what it is to filter.

You will save a lot of money and also energy with the use of efficient shower heads. Your hot water usage is mostly from the shower. You will save up to a few hundred dollars a year if you simply install shower heads that are more efficient and rated at 1 gallon per minute. Most of the new shower heads come with the flow restrictors already inside to maintain this GPM no mater what your homes water pressure. The older shower heads did not come with these features or have been removed to increase the flow if the head is clogged. If you do have a clogged head that does not spray well or evenly, you have to unthread it from the shower arm and soak it in hot water and a cleaner called santeen. This product is found at locke plumbing supply and will eat the calcium, lime, and or rust built up inside the head. After you soak it for at least 30 to 60 minutes, you can replace it and see an increase of pressure and flow out of the shower head.

Plumbing cleaner tips

If you have clogged drain pipes, you should try to unclog them with an enzyme based cleaner. This cleaner uses a natural bacteria to eat the sludge and turn it into liquid that makes it drain out of the pipes. The enzyme cleaners are mostly preferred by us rotor guys to clear your clogged drains. Please be very careful, and as a contractor we would recommend calling some with experience to do the drain cleaning because there is chance of damaging the drainpipes and bodily injury. Chemicals are extremely toxic and will burn and destroy skin if contact is made.

Remember to always keep your dryer vent clean. This will prevent problems, it can catch on fire. Always check the dryer vent and make sure that there are not any rips or holes. This will cause problems like clogs.

A secret to lower or even no repair bills from your drainage issues is to do preventative maintenance. The majority of the repairs are usually clogs and leaks. Almost anything can get stuck in these drain lines and can cause them to clog , including foreign objects, hair, grease, and sediment. Always use a screen cover to keep the hair and other objects from going down your drains. Removing the hair from off of the screen and disposing of it will always be easier and cheaper than removing it from the drains.

If your having solids, a collapsed drain, or root obstruction in the line, you usually won’t be successful trying to cleaning it by yourself. Having PVC drains rather than cast iron drains will always work better because they wont corrode and they will maintain the smooth passage way for wastes traveling down the drain lines. They are also some what self cleaning as they cause the water to run on a criss cross pattern that helps keep them clean. It is up to a pro to fix these other issues as in most states they will require a license to correct these problems by law.

Well learning a little bit about your houses mechanics can be a very valuable tool to have. You can also offer your new knowledge to your family and friends , while saving yourself a lot of money on your other repairs. Hopefully understanding some of these basics now and having a little fun learning them.

Hard Water




Hard water will always be a problem for many of our customers. If you Understand just exactly what the problem stems from and what it can do to your Oklahoma City plumbing you should be able to figure out a solution to the problem.


Hard Water?

Hard water contains a high amount of minerals. When it rains the water which is soft absorbs into the ground and goes down through the various layers of earth and rock. As it does it will accumulate a lot of minerals like magnesium, manganese and calcium. This will change the water from soft water to hard water.The total amount of minerals that the water will contain show how hard the water is and the level of hardness. Most of the water that you have coming into your house does not contain anything dangerous it will still cause major problems.
If your water tests at a 3.5 GPG or above it is definitely hard water. You measure the hardness in grains of mineral per gallon (GPG)


What Are The Problems You find with Hard Water?


The hard water will cause problems when and how it reacts to your cleaning products, It will make hard water build up or deposits, and it will break down your fixtures and faucets faster than if you have soft water. Minerals in your hard water will make your cleaning products ineffective and it will make cleaning a lot harder. It will build up on your pots and pans, your dishes, your clothes and also on you hair and your skin.


Will This Cause Problems With Your Plumbing?


Also the deposits on your faucets, showers, tubs and sinks stemming from your hard water will only be part of your problem. The hard water will coat the inside of you water lines, faucets and your water heater. The deposits that we can not see will end up with you having lots of other plumbing issues such as low water pressure, stoppages and corroding of the inside of your faucets and water lines.Your hard water will not allow your water heater to function correctly causing it to wear out much quicker. Your water heater will have to heat a lot of mineral deposits and still try to heat the water. So for the long run your hard water will cause you to have problems with your plumbing plus a lot more repairs down the road.


Testing Your Hard Water


If you are having water spots on your faucets it is often a sign of hard water.If you think you may have hard water there is a easy way to check. When washing your dishes see if the soap suds up or not. Or how much it does. How much your dish soap suds will tell you if your water is hard or not.

If you want to see how hard the water is will you will have to do some research or testing . You can start by giving your city water department a call and ask if they have tested the water. See if they will give you their findings. Laboratories will test your water if need be. You can also use a water testing strip you put in water and it will have a gauge to check it with. You can buy test strips or you might get some free ones online. You need to test the water to determine what solutions you will need.


How To Address You Hard Water Issues


They do have conditioning agent if you are dealing with low to medium hard water. If your water is in the high range though you will have to go with more aggressive options. Usually you will have to have your Oklahoma City plumber install a water softener for the whole house. Especially if your water is testing above 3 GPG.

When the water lines and Drain lines wear out in these older houses

pipe wrench
Nothing in this world is immortal, same goes for piping system of your house. Piping system needs replacement due to corrosion, accumulation of rust and decays, over a time period of 20 years and more. If this system is not replaced on time, you may eventually face leakage in every corner of your house and ultimately a damage of thousands of dollars. If you are buying an older house, then you should get its water piping system inspected by a professional plumber so as to avoid any leakage mishaps in future.
Home water piping system brings water in and takes waste away. Besides damaging of the pipes, choking of old water pipelines due to tree roots or other arrangements of the house can also lead to disturbance in piping system. So you need to know about the pipes of your water system in order to get all the preventive measure against leakage and hence their replacement.
Supply pipes of material brass, copper and galvanized steel must be replaced after more than 10 years or so, despite the fact that they have a long life expectancy, they can contaminate your drinking water and problems like clogging rust particles in the drinking water. Also due to under constant pressure, they are most likely to cause water damage when they leak. Other two types of water supply pipe that should be removed immediately no matter how old they are include lead pipes as they can add lead into your drinking water, resulting in a serious health hazard. Other is the polybutylene pipes that are extremely prone to breakage.
So, you want re-piping of the water system of your old two story house but are looking for some professional, reliable and experienced plumbing facility center? Then Plumber Oklahoma City, Ok Plumbing & Repair is here. We try our level best to be the best plumbers in Oklahoma City, Ok for all your plumbing related issues within the local area. With reasonable priced services as compared to other such service providers, we believe in the satisfaction of our customers and a good relation with them. We will be at your service on the same day of your call. Our techs are highly and well trained as well as licensed. You can rely on us to take care of all of your clogged pipes or water leaks.
Water pipe leaks can cause a major issue with your foundations and can also cause mold to build up in your home, leading to health problems. Such problems are not easily detected unless you happen to notice a rise in your water bills. But worry not! We are here to detect and pinpoint the exact problem and if required, we will also go for re-piping of the water system. Being the major leading contractors in the surrounding areas, we try to fulfill our customers’ expectations and have a good feedback with any and all our work that we provide them.
So, have certified professionals check the foundation and pipes to and from sewer lines or septic systems of either your old home or the home you are going to buy, to prevent expensive future repairs and other issues related to piping system of your home that may pop up in the future.