Plumbing and your drain pipes

Plumbing and your drain pipes – Call your OKC Plumber

First let’s talk about the truth and the truth is that not all cast iron drains are bad. The truth is that cast iron drains will usually have a life span of about 50 to 60 years and if your main sewer line was installed with cast iron and is not having problems with clogging or roots infiltrating the system or leaking then whats not broke don’t fix, but, most cast iron drains that are installed under the concrete or in side of the crawl space of a house or building were installed with galvanized piping for running to all the branch lines such as sinks, tubs and showers. The real truth is that these drains are the worst you can have to say the least.

Most all of them will not drain at all and cannot be snaked out and why can they not be snaked out we will explain the facts. The new pipe systems are fabricated to have a smooth path for all the fluids and solids. They are even made to be self cleaning because the the fluid runs on a crisscross pattern and they clean themselves.

This will prevent the solids from being caught and eventually clogging the pipe off. Glued type systems are ABS or PVC, if they are installed correctly will prevent this from happening.

The truth about cast iron it does not provide this and is simple, it will corrode. Even the corrosive metals when treated, will eventually scale and rust from the long term exposure to the water and the chemicals.

The main reason though that it is not maintainable is due to the fact that the original plumber that installed it did it incorrectly.